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Launch Action Clip, select the Make a Streaming option at the top.

Launch & Stream

Login in if required

Log In

Copy the stream link and send it to another device like a spouses phone, laptop or tablet.

Send View Link

We give you one 10 minute test. Select Test Stream.


We will activate a customized server in the cloud for you to test your stream. This can take up to two minutes.

Server Preparation

When the stream is ready, you can start recording and streaming.

Stream & Record

In about 20 seconds, you should see the stream appear on your other device browser after a refresh. Click the stream name, and the video player will start. Remember, it’s about a 20 second delay between live action and what your viewers will see.

View Test

Test the scoring. Tap on a team name to increase the score by one. Long press to reduce it by one. To end a game, long tap the game (set) count box. You will be asked to select the winning team. The game count will increase and the scores will be reset to zero.

DO NOT close the app or swipe up from the bottom of the screen. This will break the stream and the local copy of the video will be corrupted.

Keep Score

When you have tested everything, stop recording and confirm the stream stoppage.

End Test

You should copy the saved HD video to your camera roll.

Save To Camera Roll

If you wish to use Action Clip to make highlights, you can enter the project, or, swipe left to delete the project and the embedded copy of the game video. Only do this after you have verified that the game is in your camera roll.

Highlight or Delete

At the games:

  • Turn Notifications off as messages and alerts can interrupt or cancel the stream.
  • Quit all other applications.
  • Do not turn your phone off while recording.
  • Mount your device (landscape) to a tripod at the best angle possible to record the game.
  • Dim your screen as low as comfortable to save battery, and/or plug in an external battery.

Create a new stream with both teams' information.

Prepare for game

Start the stream with about 3 minutes to go before the game starts. Remember, you are paying for every 10 minute increment so no need to start it too early. Also, the stream is automatically stopped after 110 minutes which is plenty for most matches.

Start Game Stream

Start recording and keeping score. Viewers should see the stream about 20 seconds later. They may need to refresh their browser.

Stream & Record Game

Update the score at the end of each rally. Long tap on the set number to choose the winner and reset scores.

DO NOT close the app or swipe up from the bottom of the screen. This will break the stream and the local copy of the video will be corrupted.

Update the score

Do NOT stop recording until the entire match is over.

When the entire match is done:

  • Finish the game count step so scores are zeroed.
  • Stop the recording, confirm, and copy the video to your camera roll.
  • If you want to delete the internal copy, go to Manage Projects from the home screen and swipe left on the appropriate project.

Deleting the Project

Hug your child, high-five your coach and buy them a coffee.