Action Clip

The perfect coach and parent video app for youth sports

Record and remember

Works on iPhone or iPad

Begin recording in regular or slow motion

Tap each time a contact occurs that you want to highlight

Arrange clips for composition

An easy interface allows you to edit, include and order just the clips you want

Change clip length and start time

Add new clips after recording

Annotate with text & shapes

Emphasize key coaching points

Highlight the athlete to focus on in a recruiting video

Upload or save to camera roll

Easily share with families or recruiters

University Athlete integration

College volleyball coaches can get updated highlights even during a tournament

Apple Watch Remote

Mount your recording device on a tripod

Remotely trigger touches from your watch



  • Record in regular or slow motion; portrait or landscape
  • Tap to remember actions and edit the time and length of each clip
  • Organize, reorder, and play back clips



All free features plus:

  • Integration with University Athlete for athletes
  • Titling at the beginning of each highlight video
  • Export to camera roll & YouTube
  • Custom Text and Shapes annotation
  • Apple Watch remote



All Сonsumer features plus:

  • Integration with University Athlete for college coaches
  • Auto title videos from UAR Mobile information
  • Upload highlight to correct athlete’s UA notes
  • Export to Dropbox, Google Drive


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