Stream to your families at no charge during Li'l Big South!

We understand that not everyone can attend this Li'l Big South this weekend and we have teamed up with the event operator to provide you with the ability to broadcast your games to the family members who can not be here.

Action Clip is a powerful but easy to use iOS software that helps families manage video at events. Our streaming service will be available to everyone Feb 1, but For Li’l Big South, we are offering each team the ability to stream to up to 30 family and friends at a time for the duration of each match at no cost. Each team will receive a unique login and password (sent to their Club Director) and a link for watching the games that can be shared with the families of the players.


Please note! Families who want to watch the stream do NOT need to install an application. Each team has been given a streaming URL that works in Safari or Chrome that is all viewers need. Only the parent who is streaming at the court needs to install our iOS app.

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FAQ Last modified 1/14 6:30 am

Q: Does Action Clip work on Android?

A: No, not yet. We are working on it, but we use a specialized high quality video format that is embedded in newer iPhones to reduce upload size so less bandwidth is required to push the stream. We know that most teams have multiple parents with iPhones.

Q: Can we stream from more than one iPhone?

A: Not at the same time, but you can use the same username on multiple devices to share the workload and bandwidth/battery usage for different games. Just make sure any phone that might be used has the app installed. Attempting to use two devices with the same username at the same time will crash the stream and you will not be able to restart it.

Q: What model of iPhone or iPad do I need?

A: We have tested it with an iPhone 10, but we find that iPhone 11 and newer or 2019 iPads with the A12 chip or newer work much better and use less battery. Also, it works best with the latest version of iOS which is currently 15.1.

Q: Can someone watch the game later?

A: Not for this event. But you can upload the games from your photo roll to a video service (YouTube, Hudl… etc).

Q: Can my team use this the rest of the season?

A: Yes. We will be releasing February 1. You will be able to stream for pennies per viewer per hour. We think subscriptions stink so you will only pay for what you use, without a monthly commitment.