Stream your games on your terms

Action Clip makes it easy to live stream your sporting events to all your family and friends watching remotely. They won't pay a penny or miss a moment.

Take control of Your VIDEO STREAMING

Action Clip provides high-quality, reliable streaming at an incredibly affordable price. The best part? It is designed for you — parents, grandparents, friends, coaches. In just a few taps, you can easily record and with one click, they can watch your game for free. It is that simple.

$2 per hour - no hidden fees

For only $2 per hour, you can stream your games so family and friends can watch for free. No monthly fees, contracts, or charges to the viewer. One rate per game - plain and simple.

How it works

Share link

Send your private link just once to viewers and that is all they need to watch all season.

Set game

Add opponent details so everyone watching can easily follow along, wherever they are.


Record from your device and keep score in real-time to let everyone in on the action.


Just click the link and watch in your browser. We even archive games for 5 days.

Capture every moment

With a parent recording the game and keeping score, you can ensure all the focus stays on the athlete and team — giving your viewer the next best seat in the house. No more worrying about the camera being knocked sideways, bad angles, or out-of-focus players.

Stream to any web browser

Family and friends can watch in real-time or within 5 days from their phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Just send them your team link and they're ready to go. No hassles. No downloads.

Own your game

A full HD version of your stream is automatically recorded and easily saved to your camera roll so your content is all yours — as it should be. You can use this footage to upload to other services, create highlight videos for college coaches, or share with family and friends who missed out.

Only pay for what you use

No hidden asterisks here - you only pay for the minutes you stream. Your viewers aren't required to supply a credit card, or sign a hard-to-break contract.

High quality. Low bandwidth.

Our cutting-edge technology uses 30 percent less internet than other solutions, so your viewers get a high quality stream, while you save on cell phone charges.

Not technical?
Not a problem

Our simple setup makes it easy for you to record and share your game. Even better, viewers just need to click on your link to watch. One step - that's it.

Action Clip is easy to operate, really cheap, has a great built-in scoring feature, and the streaming quality is excellent. Our parents, grandparents, and friends who can't make it to our matches love the single link for the whole season for them to view our matches. As a bonus, it saves a really nice copy of the game to my camera roll that I can use to upload to Hudl.

C. Hall, Volleyball Team Dad

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