Q: How does pricing work?

A: You get a free 10 minute stream to test when you register.

For large event streaming like Lil’ Big South, you can stream at no charge and the event provides WiFI and the team schedules to auto load. Each of your family and friends will be able to register and pay a small per-event price that allows them to watch up to three teams without a monthly subscription.

For local events, you are charged $2 an hour in 10 minute increments with a minimum of 30 minutes. For a 25 minute stream, you would be charged for 30 minutes. For a 41 minute stream you would be charged for 50 minutes. The stream will shut down after 110 minutes. If you need to stream for longer than 110 minutes, you should contact us. You can not use local streaming at a large event that is contracted to provide WiFi and schedules to Action Clip users.

Q: How do I get the private viewing link to the families?

A: On the Streaming Home page of the app, you will see a button to Copy Viewing URL to Clipboard. Press that, then you can paste it into a group chat or an email and send to everyone. The link will always work, so you don't need to send it every time.

Q: What upload speed do I need to broadcast a nice stream?

A: We like using the free iOS app Speed Test to make sure you have at least 2 Megabit upload speeds. If your upload connection is not good, the stream will be poor. Our best-in-class technology significantly reduces the bandwidth required to send your video to our servers so you can still broadcast HD while connected to limited networks but it can’t work if the connection is really bad. If your connection is shaky, we will first try to continue the stream by decreasing resolution and framerate so the stream may appear fuzzy or jerky. We test every minute to see if we can increase resolution again. If 5G or 4G (LTE) is not working well, you may be able to purchase WiFi from a commercial service. You will still use roughly 500K to 1 gigabyte per hour. Make sure your phone plan has enough bandwidth.

Q: How much storage do I need on my device?

A: Action Clip records a high resolution version of each game for upload to other services (Hudl or YouTube for instance) or sharing to other families. Each game can be one to two gigabytes. Make sure your phone has enough internal memory. You can try the other amazing features of Action Clip to create highlights for players, or, swipe left on the Project name to delete the copy of the video stored inside the app once you have copied it to the Camera Roll.

Q: What model of iPhone or iPad do I need?

A: We have tested it with an iPhone 10, but we find that iPhone 11 and newer or 2019 iPads with the A12 chip or newer work much better and use less battery. Also, it works best with the latest version of iOS which is currently 15.1.

Q: What will my battery life be like?

A: Video recording sucks battery life. It is recommended that you dim your screen and use an external battery pack to keep it charged (tape it to the tripod), or at least bring a charger and cable with you. You can also use different iPhones for each game. Other applications can cause interference with the stream. It is highly recommended that you quit all other apps and turn notifications off while streaming.

Q: Can someone watch the game later?

A: Yes. We save your streams from 5 days after for family and friends who missed the live game.

Q: Does Action Clip work on Android?

A: No, not yet. We are working on it, but we use a specialized high quality video format that is embedded in newer iPhones to reduce upload size so less bandwidth is required to push the stream. We know that most teams have multiple parents with iPhones.

Q: Can I stream to a large audience?

A: No. Action Clip is designed to be streamed to family and friends. The absolute limit is 30 concurrent streams which is more than enough for most circumstances. The stream will shut down if it is being accessed by too many browser.